FRP Assembling & Clips

FRP Distributors Standard Molded Grating is light weight but with superb bi-directional strength. Numerous cut-outs for piping, valve access and column penetrations do not have any bearing or change in the dynamic properties, eliminating the need for extra structural framing. Being one solid piece construction, the fiberglass grating behaves like a steel plate, distributing loads throughout the molded fiberglass grating section and around the cut-outs. Therefore cutting access holes in the fiberglass grating does not undermine or impair the strength of the fiberglass grating panel.

FRP Standard Grating  should have at least 40 mm (13764inch) of support on the sides of the fiber-reinforced plastic grating when they are used for trench covers. In this scenario, clamps are not required. When using it for walkways, it’s recommended that (at the minimum) 4 fasteners are used to fix it to the support system and that there should be a secondary beam at the ends where the gratings join.

The FRP Grating panels can be cut using traditional carpenter’s tools such as a saber saw or circular saw. For large jobs, we recommend using diamond grit blades, or tungsten carbide grit-edged blades for better performance. In the event your project requires precision cutting and your comfort level is not up to the task, our factories can custom cut your grating to your specific design requires thus insuring accuracy the first time while reducing unnecessary waste. This saves you both time and money.

Typically there are three main clips used to tie the FRP Grating into place and are made of both Stainless Steel or Hot-Dip Galvanized.


[ M clips ]
M clips (also known as saddle clips) clamps 1 or 2 fiberglass grating load bars to the support. This provides excellent holding ability. These clips are recommended for stair treads and most molded and pultruded fiberglass gratings.


[ C clips ]
C clips are designed to tie two neighbored panels of molded fiberglass gratings together. The helps to minimize differential defections when their joints fall between supports. The nut is welded to lower part of the clip so the installation is from the top side of fiberglass grating deck/floor.


[ L clips ]
L clips are using for both molded fiberglass reinforced polymer grating and pultruded. It is a lighter duty clip and should be used to hold one load bar to the support for lighter loads.