FRP Grating Distribution and More

FRP Distributor Inc. is a leading distributor of Fibre-reinforced Plastic grating and structural applications for industrial, commercial and residential use. Our factory incorporates a combination of hand-crafted techniques with state of the art fabrication and testing equipment to insure the highest quality of product at the most competitive prices. Each order is first inspected by our factory’s Quality Assurance Manager before being inspected a second time by our own in-house Quality Control Team prior to any order being shipped. Our commitment to quality is unprecedented. We utilize a variety of different resins and e-glass to suit most every application and in addition to offering over 40 different grating configurations, we can also custom make most any FRP product your specific application may require. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic is used for many different applications throughout North America.

FRP Distributor Inc. is located in Victoria on Vancouver Island British Columbia and has logistics in place to deliver our FRP products to anywhere in Canada and United States.