Resin & Colors

detail of color palette as nice color backgroundAs for the Resin, our gratings consist of different resin types and surface treatments for a variety of environments. It all depends on your requirements. Please see the below charts for the characteristics.

As for COLORS, you can order any color you want out of the RAL Color family. Our most common colors are light grey and dark grey for marine docks and pathways. Green and yellow are common for factories; plants and other commercial industries. A brick red is used in areas like the oil & gas offshore platforms.


Class Resin Anti-Corrosion Grade Max Temperature
Degrees Fahrenheit
V-CF Vinyl Ester Chemical 200 Superior Corrosion Enviroment
and Fire Resistance
I-IF Isophatalic Polyester Industrial 150 Medium Corrosion and Fire
I-FF Isophatalic Polyester Industrial-food 150 Food Grade and Fire Resistance
O-AF Orthophatalic Architectural 150 Moderate Corrosion and High
Fire Resistance
O-AN Orthophatalic Architectural 300 General, non fire retardant
P-IN Phenolic Industrial/Offshore Oil Platforms 300 Low Smoke and Superior Fire


Item Type Characteristics Applications
E-2400TEX Alkaline Free Roving Has better characteristics of dynamic and anti corrosion that comes from a strong combination of an excellent saturation and resin matrix. Better acid resistance plus dynamic and anti corrosion from a strong combination of an excellent saturation and resin matrix.
C-2400 TEX Medium Alkaline Extreme strengh requirments and corrosion environments. Better used for an acid resistance environment.


Item Characteristics Applications
ATH(Aluminium Hydroxide) Fire Retardant, Strength, OI>28 Fire Retardant and Smoke Suppression
Calcium Carbonate Strength and low cost No Fire Resistance Required
No Filler Better Transparency Non-Fire Fetardant, Excellent Anti-Corrosion