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    Standard Grating

    Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer(FRP) Molded Grating (also known to some as Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Grating) is made with fiberglass as it’s reinforcement mixed with unsaturated polyester resin as the matrix. The resin is poured into a mold systematically with the fiberglass roving layer after layer to produce the desired thickness. These products combined through our special composite processing makes it have an absolute strength stronger than aluminum, reaching one third the strength as steel. To see the advantages of using FRP, please CLICK HERE.

    FRP Grating applications include, but are not limited to:

    • Off Shore Oil Platforms
    • Walkways
    • Nature trails
    • Work Platforms
    • Catwalks
    • Marine Docks & Boat Decking
    • Factories (Chemical; Production Line)
    • Flooring in corrosive and/or slippery environments
    • Trench Cover
    • Sewage Treatment Plants
    • Water Treatment Plants
    • Electrical Power Plants
    • Pulp and Paper Industry

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    Pultruded Grating

    Molded Grating typically has a square mesh pattern similar to a checker board whereas PULTRUDED grating is made from a series of Parallel Bars. Pultruded Grating consists of a series of parallel bearing bars. The bearing bars typically have a ‘T’ or ‘I’ shaped profile. The closer the bearing bars are together, the stronger the grating. Cross-rods are not intended to be applied in the span direction. Pultruded grating can only support weight in the direction of the bearing bars. The bearing bars in Pultruded Grating must traverse from support to support whereas Molded Grating is equally strong in both directions. Molded Grating panels can be rotated 90 degrees with the same support characteristics.

    • Pedestrian Walkways & Ramps
    • Decks and Patios
    • Bridge Walkways
    • Work Platforms
    • Trench Covers
    • Loading Docks
    • California Drains
    • Driveway and Yard Drains

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    Handrails & Stairtreads

    FRP Distributor Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Handrail Systems are safe. They are mostly made of pultruded profiles and gratings, they are corrosion resistant, extremely strong, maintenance free (the colors are part of the product (no painting required) and finally easy to install.

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    Structural Shapes

    FRP Distributor’s Structural Shapes like Pultruded grating are processed in a similar way. They are manufactured in all shapes used for structural projects, ladders and so much more. They are manufactured in both vinyl ester and polyester or in any custom resin preferred by our clients..

    • Work Platforms
    • Commercial and Residential Marine Docks
    • Piping systems
    • Ladders
    • Escape Chutes
    • Beams
    • It can be made in any shape or form

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    Manhole Covers

    FRP Distributor’s Fiberglass Reinforced plastic manhole covers are made with resin and continuous fiberglass, 100% free of heavy metal. They are light weight, easy to be installed and maintenance free.

    They have very strong and resistant to heavy impact. They are silent when driven over and absorb vibration. They’re also inexpensive to replace when they go missing.

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    Transit Systems

    FRP Distributor Inc.  manufacturers both standard molded and pultrued fibreglass gratings in phenolic resin that is U.S. Coast Guard approved. Our materials can be used in Transit Systems.

    Our Blind Plate is made from SMC (sheet molding compounds) materials processed through a high temperature press.  Our Blind Plates have been widely used for the disability walkways in railways and airports. Specialized double deck design provide a much much safer platform. The Blind Plate has high strength, anti impact, anti corrosion, longevity,  and it’s not slippery and is also abrasion resistant.

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    FRP Distributor Inc is a global leading distributor of Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) structural products and systems with a commitment to unprecedented quality in our Engineering and production.

    Our factories incorporate a combination of hand-crafted techniques with state of the art fabrication and testing equipment to insure the highest quality of product at the most competitive prices. FRP Distributor Inc distributes a variety of products through our manufacturers:

    • Molded Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Grating
    • Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Pultruded Grating
    • Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Handrails
    • Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Stair Treads
    • Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Manhole Covers
    • Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Transit Systems

    We utilize a variety of different resins and e-glass to suit most every application and in addition to offering over 80 different grating configurations, we can also custom make most any FRP product to meet any project scope.  We also have the ability to  pre-cut and mold the product to meet the project schematic saving labour costs.

    FRP Distributor Inc. is located in Victoria, British Columbia located  on Vancouver Island. We have logistics in place to deliver our FRP products anywhere mainly to Canada ; United States  but also anywhere globally.